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Universal Spirit and the Star Sign Leo

Lion Roaring Inside Cager

Born between July 24th to August 23rd are people who are ruled by or rather spouses to the sun. That makes them kings and in their minds they sit way above everyone else. The sun, you may already know, is the Queen of Heaven and her mates sit proudly next to her. Those I know sport a proud look of excellence and knowledge.
Leo is a fire sign and like their two counterparts, Aries and Sagittarius, an individual shouldn’t cross them question their right to rule. They hate to be challenged or to be embarrassed and basically they will enfold the world in their charm and give out their love to their heart’s content.
They are also highly amusing and open. They have nothing to hide so they are not covert unless threatened with defeat. They rise into the height of the area and whatever profession or career they find themselves in they will shine like the star they’re mated to.
Like the big cat and ruler of the jungle people born at this time will dazzle with their smiles but beware as their claws can dig deep. Their stunning grasp of human traits means that many are politicians, teachers, or psychiatrists. That, however, isn’t their limitation as they soar ever higher as the height of sunlight shines with consequences that are outstanding.
As a great organizer when he’s in command he is a great leader. People easily follow his orders which makes him equal to some five-star general of a major force. He entertains as if doing this in a royal palace with everything laid on. It’s been said of a Leo host he provides the best wine, superb food, beautiful women, and music. In this setting he is most at home.
Famous among the many of this sign are Jacqueline Kennedy; Aldous Huxley; Walter Scott; Princess Margaret Rose; and Fidel Castro. Their traits and lives, to say nothing of the leadership qualities, bear out the features of it.
It took her to create an interesting challenge, followed by female submission once his interest was aroused, and a lesson learned that she can not be devoured.
Be prepared to match the glamour and to be wooed by gifts aplenty once you have him at the end of your line. Reel him with care because, remember, he has claws and very large teeth.
That people are so very different and that their inner being is governed by the time of the year in which they are born is evidence that we die in 1 life and return to fulfill the plan laid out from the start.
Through my study that plan was discovered in the prophecies in the Old Testament. In them the Spirit states clearly what its intentions are and why we’re now in the last days. Those born of particular signs are led from birth to the roles they will carry out in life.
It’s impossible for a Leo kid to become something of another sign, state Winter Springs Rat Removal or Aquarius. Their mindset is such that however much they may seek to change the part within them that offers the voice of advice is strictly set into a pattern.
Some are, like those of the sign, teachers and leaders, others such as those of Libra is going to be great artists and Capricorn people, with its need for justice and order, will try to bring them into line. This part of Creation is eliminated from religions because, like reincarnation, it cannot be explained based on the tenets of magic and confusion that their followers adhere to.

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